Fee Schedule


The operation of the Pre School is largely dependent upon the payment of fees. Your fees are used to help meet ongoing costs such as staff salaries, telephone, insurance and cleaning. Please refer to the  Policies  page on this website to view the Fees Policy. All parents will be required to complete a fee agreement form which is included in your Enrolment Pack.

Fees paid by cash or cheque must be put in an envelope with your child’s name and group clearly marked on it and placed in the cash box near the front entry of the kindergarten. Correct change is essential. Educators do not under any circumstances deal with money. Internet bank transfer for fee payment is also an option. Refer to your fee invoice each term for details. Please note that prompt payment of fees by each payment date is necessary in order to keep the kindergarten budget operating.


Parental participation is encouraged at SKPS and can help to keep costs affordable; however, SKPS also acknowledges some families are not able to assist in this way. Therefore, this levy may be charged as an alternative to assisting at SKPS. Assistance can be provided in a variety of ways—such as maintenance, working bees, gardening, sewing and repairing equipment—and the levy will be refunded as soon as possible. SKPS invoices a $50 Refundable ‘Maintenance’ levy during Term 2 that is in addition to Term fees. (Eligible concession cardholders will not be required to pay this levy).


Fees for 4 year old kindergarten are fully subsidised by the Government if you are the holder of a current health care card.


Four year old (funded) kindergarten fees: Kookaburra group & Rosella group  FEE SCHEDULE  2021

Hours: 15 hours

 15 hours  Fees per term  Total per annum
$460  $1840

Three-year-old (non-funded) kindergarten fees: Cockatoos

Hours:  6 hours per week

Fees per term Total per annum
6 hours $470 $1880




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