Healthy Lunch boxes for children

South Kingsville Pre School supports the ‘Go for your life’ healthy eating plan. For healthy lunches and snack suggestions go to$File/Healthy_lunch_boxes_for_children.pdf

Your child will need to bring a snack to kinder each day that he/she attends. A nutritious, well balanced diet is vital for growing children. Please provide only fruits, vegetables or cheese for your child to eat. Fresh, dried or tinned fruits are options, as a raw vegetables, sliced or grated cheese or cheese sticks.

If your child likes to have his fruit cut up (eg. apples or oranges) or the skin removed, please assist staff by preparing it this way.

Please remember that when your child is only at kinder for a relatively short period of time, he/she will therefore require a snack only, not a full lunch! As a measure of how much food to provide, think about the quantity your child might eat in between meals if he was at home.

If your child is attending a longer session and you are required to pack a cut lunch, please remember that some children in the centre have serious allergies and therefore do not prepare peanut butter or egg sandwiches.

A copy of the centre’s Nutrition Policy is available on the Policies page of this website and in the Parent Library.

If your child will be bringing his snack in a lunch box, it must be clearly labeled with his name.

Water is provided for the children to drink, but you are welcome to send along a clearly labeled water bottle.

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