Kinder Duty

There are many ways you can be involved in your child’s kindergarten year. One of the most important of these is by doing Kinder Duty once or twice a term.

The smooth running of each session is helped by having a parent to assist with the children’s program. We welcome not only Mums, but also Dads, grandparents and other ‘special friends’. Taking your turn at doing Kinder Duty provides an excellent chance to share your child’s kindergarten experiences with him and his friends. It also allows you a wonderful opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with staff in an informal way.

If you are unable to attend on your rostered day, please notify the staff.

Toddlers are welcome on the days that you are assisting us, but please remember that they are your responsibility.

When you are on kinder duty please remember to be mindful of what you might say outside the kinder room about other children at play. Confidentiality is very important to us.

Here are some ideas on how you can be actively involved in the kinder session:

  • The children LOVE having stories read to them. You might like to spend some time in the reading corner.
  • The puzzle table is usually very busy. Sometimes children need an adult’s help in completing the puzzles they are attempting.
  • We can always do with an extra pair of hands writing children’s names on their work. The children’s names are listed on the poster above the sink.
  • A child might need help with tasks such as putting on a smock, rolling out his/her play dough or managing scissors.
  • Sometimes staff might ask for your assistance in preparation of program materials, or kinder administration tasks eg. cutting up materials for the children’s collage creations or folding up notes to go in parents’ pockets.
  • The Parents Library has an excellent range of books and pamphlets that you may like to browse through or borrow from.
  • During the session, children make their own choices about when they would like to participate in snack time. For the four year old program, lunch time is more formal, where all the children sit at the tables together. Please feel free to join the children during this time as it is a great time for lots of fun conversations.
  • We always appreciate any help with packing and cleaning up. Duties may include: any dishes that need to be washed, tables wiped, floors swept, paint/paste brushes washed, spills mopped up, blocks packed away, play areas re-set and any other housekeeping chores.

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