Here are our current policies for South Kingsville Preschool. A full list of policies is also available from the kinder office or parent library in the kinder room.

If you have any questions, please ask a member of the Committee of Management or our educational staff.

Our policies are regularly reviewed by Committee of Management and our Educators.

Please click on the link to see which policies we have recently reviewed:

General Definitions

Quality Area 1 Educational Program and Practice

Quality Area 2 Children’s Health and Safety

Quality Area 3 Physical Environment

Quality Area 4 Staffing Arrangements

Quality Area 5 Relationships with Children

Quality Area 6 Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

Quality Area 7 Leadership and Service Management


Bush Kinder – Play Benefit and Risk Policy

 Bush Kinder – Delivery and Collection Policy

Bush Kinder Policy – Emergency Evacuation

Bush Kinder – Protective Clothing Policy

Bush Kinder – Snake Awareness and First Aid Policy

 Bush Kinder – Dog Awareness Policy

 Bush Kinder – Extreme Weather Policy

 Bush Kinder – Identification and Visibility Policy

South Kingsville Preschool Risk Assessment – Bush Kinder


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