Here you will find information and links to the National Quality Framework, information about our assessment and rating, our Quality Improvement Bulletin and Quality Improvement Plan. Please direct any questions regarding our Quality Improvement initiatives to our Service Leader, Elissa Stafford.


The National Quality Framework came into effect at the beginning of 2012. Its purpose is to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency across education and care services. When we talk about the National Quality Framework, we are mainly referring to the National Law, the National Regulations and the National Quality Standard but it also embodies a new National Quality Rating and Assessment process and a new regulatory body to oversee the system: ACECQA.

There are seven key quality areas that are important to outcomes for children. It is also linked to the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and the National Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being and Becoming, which our educators use to develop quality programs for our children.

The seven quality areas include:

QA1. Educational Program and Practice
QA2. Children’s Health and Safety
QA3. Physical Environment
QA4. Staffing Arrangements
QA5. Relationships with Children
QA6. Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities
QA7. Leadership and Service Management

For further explanation of the National Quality Framework, please visit the websites listed below: