Our early childhood educators have many years experience working with and nurturing children. They believe in allowing children time to explore, investigate and discover through a play based program. The smaller, familiar feel of our kindergarten allows staff to form genuine, supportive relationships with the children and their families. They also work closely as a team to develop the best, most appropriate learning opportunities for our children.  Lisa (Service Leader),Jennifer (Educational Leader), Dawn,  Rachel,  Alicia, Holly, Tina, Renee & Kylie are wonderful contributors to our kindergarten. We value and appreciate their enthusiasm, experience and knowledge.

Louisa Bear is  our office administrator and provides administrative duties, in support of the Service Leader & Committee of Management.

Another wonderful feature of South Kingsville Pre School is that our teachers are always available for you to discuss the progress of your child. You are more than welcome to make a formal interview time, but Jennifer, Elissa, Alicia, Lisa, Dawn, Holly,  Tina and Renee are just as happy to chat with you informally at the beginning or end of a session.

Prospective parents, who would like to gain a better sense of what our kinder is about, are welcome to call or drop in and see our fabulous staff and children in action. See our contact details on this website.


Our Pre School is managed by a volunteer Committee of Management which is elected annually and is made up of parents of the children enrolled. The Committee of Management includes a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 6 Ordinary Members. We also have a Fundraising Sub-Committee who work very hard to raise additional funds for our centre. The Committee of Management play a vital role in the running of the centre. Without a Committee the Pre School is unable to operate. Please contact us if you would like further information about the roles and responsibilities of the Committee.


The 2024 Committee of Management includes:

President: Alice Power

Vice President: Matthrew Smith

Treasurer: Amanda Leddin

Secretary: Melissa Westhorpe

Fundraising Co-Ordinator: Emma McVeigh ad Kira Byrne

Ordinary Members: Michelle McNally, Alexandra Williams, Melanie Waanders, Sarah Barnes, Marcus Klein


Everyone is welcome to attend one of our monthly Wednesday night meetings held at the kindergarten at 7:00 pm




Wednesday 9th August

Wednesday 13th September

Wednesday 11th October

Wednesday 8th November

Wednesday 29th November (AGM to be confirmed)

Wednesday 13th December (Hand over meeting)


Meetings are held at 7pm at kinder and everyone is most welcome